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How Petrik Soil Technology Works

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Petrik Soil Technology is an Australian business dedicated to helping Australian growers use biological mechanisms to boost agricultural productivity. Through advanced agronomy and revolutionary product formulations we integrate the best of biological and chemical inputs to maximise crop performance.

We have a unique range of biological inputs that have a proven history of results in Australia.

Our soil products are scientifically formulated to transform soil structure, create humus, eliminate soil compaction, improve water infiltration, increase rooting depth and develop plant strength and disease resistance.

Our foliar products work through biological pathways to build resilience and impact fruiting quality, impacting everything from firmness, size and yield. They supports the plant's natural processes and the root system's mycorrhizal colonies (including VAM), particularly in the deeper root zone. The P3K foliars make nutrients more available to the plant (particularly calcium, phosphorous and trace elements) and aid in all key growth stages including fruit setting, finishing and stress tolerance. Their powerful rescue mechanism assist plants overcome stress and damage from frost, herbicide, water stress, mites.

The Petrik Soil Technology team of chemists, microbiologists and agronomists work in partnership with other leading business to ensure growers have access to the latest biological advances and are experts at addressing both chemical and biological limitations. Our research division in Queensland Australia, works in close partnership with Universities and growers throughout Australia - conducting leading edge scientific trials and bringing the latest breakthroughs in soil health to our growers.

Our success comes from our scientific excellence in:

  • Stimulating plant microbe interaction and humus creation.
  • Using chemistry to optimise biology, not replace it.
  • Paying attention to the specific role of trace elements.
  • Activating high N and P availability without using high inputs.

Our technology activates the same processes that occur in high performing systems in nature. By building the vital interaction capacity between soil microbes and plants we create a system that drives its own nutrient supply; releasing tied up phosphorous and accessing atmospheric nitrogen - which significantly reduces your input costs.

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