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Healthy Turf

healthy turf
Petrik Soil Technology bio-stimulants have a reputation for improving water-holding capacity, rooting depth and water infiltration in turf systems - resulting in reduced ponding, healthier turf, and better performance during drier seasons.

Petrik Soil Technology has unique fertilisers to create healthy turf systems whilst improving soil health, plant performance and system resilience.

Getting the biological strength back into the soil is core to:

  • disease management
  • thatch decomposition
  • evenness of growth
  • recovery from stress

We focus on soil health, nutrition and system moisture resilience to achieve healthy turf systems. Our turf fertilisers work to build vital humus and improve soil structure to:

  • increase nutrient availability
  • maximise water infiltration
  • improve rooting depth
  • increase water holding capacity

Sports Fields, Football Pitches and Ovals

Sports fields, football pitches and ovals need to be able to cope with the compaction and pressures that arise from sporting activities that impact turf growth and health.

Golf Courses

Golf courses need year round growth, colour and evenness. Recovering the biological strength of the system is core to achieving turf growth and colour during drier months whilst managing water usage effectively.

Golf and Bowling Greens

Golf and bowling greens require colour intensity, vigour and evenness. Petrik bio-stimulants maximise the nutrient uptake, soil and turf health whilst providing robustness where there is pressure and compaction.

Stand Out Features

Key across all turf systems is the significant:

  • saving in water application
  • consistency in growth and evenness
  • performance during drier seasons
  • thatch decomposition and better rooting depth
  • improved disease management

Water Management

Water management is one of the most significant long term gains from our technology. As we improve the structure of soil we improve water infiltration, rooting depth and soil moisture holding capacity. This means turf endures the drier months better and over-watering requirements decrease.