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Sorghum Soil Health

sorghum soil health
The Petrik Soil Technology bio-stimulant fertilizers improve soil health and soil structure. In sorghum and other broadacre crops, we have proven results in lifting productivity through the use of our soil health boosting products.

Our treatments:

  • maximise nutrient availability and uptake
  • increase rooting depth
  • improve water infiltration and soil moisture holding capacity
  • stimulate resilience and yield increases.

Petrik Soil Technology have extensive experience in addressing soil health limitations. The productivity gains we can get for farmers have whole system benefits.

  • soil health
  • soil structure
  • soil biodiversity

Soil Health Products For Sorghum

These soil bio-inoculants are core in the sorghum program - giving sorghum growers distinct productivity advantages to health, nutrient availability, yield and crop longevity.

  • Evergreen - is a live soil amendment of powerful soil building inoculants that is a unique combination of microbes, fungi and bacteria. Unlike others on the market it is uniquely produced in closed vats systems and has a long shelf life, meaning that you can achieve repeatable results.
  • Digestor and Digestor Challenge - contains beneficial microbes tailored to enhance legume and diacot performance. It replaces Evergreen in liquid injection systems. Digestor Challenge is used in high sodic soils.
  • Green Manure Plus - contains vital elements to support microbial activity and create synergistic links between plants and microbiology.
  • Headstart - is a powerful seed and root stimulant. it provides vigour during the progression from germination to emergence and stimulates root growth.

Soil Compaction

One of the biggest problems facing Australian Sorghum and broadacre farmers is soil compaction. Compaction is often caused by:

  • previous farm management practices or
  • heavy trafficking following a wet harvest

Soil Structure

The creation of stable humus by Petrik Soil Technology products loosens the soil and allows better rooting depth and increased water infiltration. By adding this advanced microbial complex to the soil, the soil macro and micro fauna populations return. (e.g. worms)

Petrik soil health bio-stimulants are advanced inputs that help rebuild the biological balance. They have an excellent history of rapidly improving soil structure and thereby increasing the ability of sorghum crops to access the total available soil moisture and nutrient.

Water Penetration and Deeper Roots

Across the Australian broadacre cropping belt where rainfall is often inconsistent, the increased water penetration and rooting depth has built greater crop resilience through the dryer months.

Often at planting we have good soil moisture as a result of fallowing, however if compaction layers limit the actual rooting depth of a crop, not all of the available soil moisture and nutrients are accessible to the plant.

The act in itself of allowing the sorghum roots to access the maximum depth of the soil profile, only further improves soil structure and water infiltration as the root systems of previous crops breakdown leaving an improved soil capillary network.

Improved Nutrient Uptake

Nutrient uptake is of key importance in sorghum and other broadacre crops. We have extensive experience and history of being able to increase this using our biological inputs.

The Petrik soil inoculants contain phosphorus solubilising microbes. These assist in releasing phosphorus which are locked up in the soil. Under good biological rotational farming systems high yielding crops are also routinely grown using less chemical nitrogen inputs. This in real terms translates to a reduction in the quantity of chemical fertilizer inputs required at planting.